What Vavachi has done for me… Part 2!

This week I get into the nitty gritty details of what it takes to be a performer – from my experience so far.

Sacrifices I have made…



Pictured with Roger Davy & Simone Nicole recently in Vavachi’s Broadway to Pavarotti show

  • A Social Life

Now, I am not saying […]

What Vavachi has done for me… Part 1!


Pictured Vavachi”s Director Roger Davy, singers Simone Nicole and Iain Henderson taken at a recent performance of Surprise by Disguise.

I thought it was time you heard from me personally and maybe a little about why I am helping Roger […]


It could be the person next to you, that guy that parked your car, the DJ or even the Chef or Waiter! One of Vavachi Entertainment’s flagship Packages that is now performing in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australasia is our “Surprise by Disguise.

We love to be sneaky and help bring a little “flash mob” excitement to […]

Want to know what we do?

Here at Vavachi, we have a wide range of products and packages available. We can cater to any event you have; you can choose from one of our Packages or we can work with you to design something just for your event! What do we have […]

Welcome to Vavachi Entertainment

We have been working hard behind the scenes recently to bring to you our new layout, many new and exciting products as well as the same high quality entertainment you have come to expect from Vavachi Entertainment.

We are going to give you a little bit of a walkthrough of the updates as well as […]

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