Iain HendersonAs I prepare to venture overseas to take on new challenges and take the next steps in developing my career in Opera, I have been asked to write a Blog post to share my Vavachi ‘journey’ with you all. I’ve decided to write it in two parts; Part One will be a fairly general overview of things since my first gig with Leslie Martin all the way through to now. Part Two will be a little more about my friendship with Roger, and my part in helping to create the ‘Broadway to Pavarotti’ show and make it what it is today. So… Part One. My first Vavachi gig.
 The year was 2011, Roger was away (in Manila I think) and Leslie had heard me sing at an audition earlier in the year, and they needed a tenor to sing as Pavarotti in the “Broadway to Pavarotti” concert with the St Lucia Orchestra. At this stage, the show was for only two singers not three (which I will talk more about next time). I get myself in the local paper for the first time, I get to impersonate one of my hero’s and I get to sing repertoire that I had only dreamed of at this stage. Here I am, 23 years old with huge aspirations, and I get to sing pieces like La Donna e Mobile and Nessun Dorma WITH AN ORCHESTRA!

From here came more and more fun with Vavachi – but it would be a little while until I finally got to sing with Roger… two tenors in one performance is a little hard to manoeuvre. I sang at Noosa with two of my best friends and a circus troupe, which was a lot of fun! Noosa popped up again when I sang as a Singing Waiter at a Surprise by Disguise gig. Not too much later and I was doing another Surprise by Disguise and this time… it was with Roger! More recently, probably for about two years solid ow, my primary involvement has been with Broadway to Pavarotti. A show which has morphed, transformed and grown immensely since the early days in 2011

The time performing with Vavachi has given me invaluable experiences in a performance arena, things that are otherwise severely lacking in the development stage of a young performers life. It is important to remember that while developing a young singer cannot sing everything all the time, the voice is a delicate instrument and while learning technique, a singer really cannot work too hard. The core technique needs to be set so that poor habits and bad vocal health don’t creep in. As I grew in confidence, knowledge and ability, my work with Vavachi began to pay off more and more. I knew my voice and my technique so much more in the later years and was able to give a much better performance. Without the opportunities afforded to me over the years, this important learning curve would have been a much longer


I will go into more detail about working with Roger, his guidance and friendship as well as how Broadway to Pavarotti became the show it is today! Until then, and as I am almost at my last Vavachi performance (for a long while at least), I look forward to seeing many of you at our next performance on October 29 on the Gold Coast. To purchase tickets to my final show click on the link