We have been working hard behind the scenes recently to bring to you our new layout, many new and exciting products as well as the same high quality entertainment you have come to expect from Vavachi Entertainment.

We are going to give you a little bit of a walkthrough of the updates as well as a little bit of information about the new packages available in 2014. Some other changes you will notice starting very soon are our Community Engagement through social media, Blogs (much like this one), Monthly Subscribers emails and a Quarterly Vavachi News! You can follow Vavachi on Twitter, ‘Like’ us on Facebook and become part of our community on LinkedIn. To stay up to date with our News and emails, simply click ‘Subscribe’ on our Home Page.

Now, onto the Website and the changes you might (or might not) notice as you make your way throughout our new site…



The first thing you will notice is our striking and bold colours – the Orange and Black are still here and easily recognisable! Everything is accessible through the homepage now, with buttons and headers linking you throughout the website. Each page is clearly defined and gives you option of just browsing or finding out more information by clicking on an item.

Another change to our website is the Blog page where we will put regular updates about what we at Vavachi are up to and other exciting news. There will be Artist features and special announcements as well as the ability for you to leave a comment on each Blog entry.

That isn’t the only easy way to keep in contact with Vavachi, and we do want to hear from you! You can comment on Facebook, LinkedIn or our Blog on our website! We also have the ‘Contact Us’ link at the top of every page – or just send us an email at info@vavachi.com.au

We’d love to know what you think of the new website. Please comment below with feedback or praise!

Stay tuned for our next update which will have more information of Packages, Services and a snippet of our upcoming performances across Australia. Plus – we will have a small Q&A with Vavachi’s Managing Director and Founder Roger Davy!