Pictured Vavachi”s Director Roger Davy, singers Simone Nicole and Iain Henderson taken at a recent performance of Surprise by Disguise.

I thought it was time you heard from me personally and maybe a little about why I am helping Roger out with the online part of Vavachi.

Pretty simple really… I do think it is good to give back to someone who has helped you. One good deed deserves another… that sort of thing.

I’m sure Roger won’t mind me mentioning a conversation we had not long ago in regards to commitment, input and sacrifice involved in becoming a performer. In his words, “I want open debate about how much time, money blood sweat and years, and experience it takes to become a soloist opera performer, and that making a living out off singing is not a easy road”

Well – I am still making it and working towards turning this into a career but I can tell you that I have done more free and volunteer work as a performer than paid work. I want to make it clear right now, I am not complaining at all. In fact, I am making recommendations and simply commenting on my own experience to date. As a developing musician, performance experience is everything and without it, all the practice you do is almost for nothing. Of course, your technique and quite possibly your ability will be amazing, but if you end up a nervous wreck on stage – all the knowledge and technical ability in the world won’t save you.

Vavachi has been a friend of mine since 2011 when I actually stepped in to perform with Leslie Martin replacing, of all people, Roger Davy! Roger was in Macau and couldn’t get back for a Pavarotti Tribute show with St Lucia Orchestra. This was a collection of firsts for me… First Vavachi gig, first time singing solo with an orchestra, first Nessun Dorma (big deal for a tenor) and my first EXPERIENCE of really preparing a gig where it was about me.

Since then I have performed with Vavachi and many other groups throughout Queensland and New South Wales as a soloist, guest performer or a singing waiter (had to plug that one). All of these experiences and performance practice have been a massive part of the musician and performer I am today…


In Part 2: A few sacrifices (truthful ones), opportunities I have had in recent years and my suggestions to young performers!