This week I get into the nitty gritty details of what it takes to be a performer – from my experience so far.

Sacrifices I have made…



Pictured with Roger Davy & Simone Nicole recently in Vavachi’s Broadway to Pavarotti show

  • A Social Life

Now, I am not saying I have no friends and don’t talk to people at all. I am not a hermit. But, when it comes to some things like parties, holidays/trips, music festivals and camping (just to name a few) I have made the decision to not make as many appearances as some others choose to. My social life has been through music. I have coffee with colleagues and my fellow peers, I go an see shows sometimes but it usually not followed by a drink or chatting because I try to get home.

  • Money

I do like to save as much as I can, and I have my parents to thank for their support over the years, but when it comes to being able to work a “real” job – while being a student and a musician, it is hard. This is probably another reason I don’t go out much! But, I wouldn’t change it at all. I enjoy quiet times with friends where we often talk about music or “that opera that Kaufmann just did” and there are thousands of things you can do for free so really, the money thing isn’t worth worry about too much while you’re young.

  • A relationship

It can be difficult to share a relationship with someone special when most of the time you have to focus on numero uno. The amount of hours put into practice, study, performing and practice again is endless. Sometimes, a relationship is impossible because you cannot maintain one (especially early on) without seeing the special someone often. A level of understanding is required and it can be difficult to balance the two and to not seem selfish of your own needs. I has only been in the past two years that I have really been able to develop a relationship with someone. She is also a singer, which really helps because we both know what is required to become a quality performer and can support each other! She always tells me little things I could do better to get a better sound and I personally wouldn’t change a thing!

  • Free time

Kind of the same a social life – but you will find that your free time (if you are truly committed) becomes taken up by more learning, study, practice and the occasional nap. You need to find one thing, maybe two, that helps you escape the really arduous work you have to put in as a musician. For me, it is PlayStation2 FIFA, my family dinner EVERY Sunday night and my Girlfriend. So I am lucky and have three!

  • Money

I will say it again because it is important to people. It is also important to know how to really use your money. Some may say to you, spend it on yourself and your development… Some will say save it for the future so you have something to support you. There is nothing wrong with either or a little bit of both. If there is something you want, save for it and get it or do it or go to it… it should be that simple. Don’t stress too much about things in the future! Live now. I will say, save while you can though. If you earn a little extra because you had a gig or you got an extra shift or you started tutoring/teaching, put that money away for those rainy days!

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