Over the past five years I have been very very fortunate to be presented with many great performance opportunities from singing as a soloist in a Mass, to Opera Queensland Chorus, to bossing Roger around for not delivering food as a singing Waiter.

2011 proved to be quite a fruitful year for me with a lot of firsts; I had my first Semester at the Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane, my first Chorus contract with Opera Queensland in Fanciulla del West and my first gig with Vavachi Entertainment.

I would tell most young and developing singers that it is important not to go out and work too quickly.


You can develop things along the way, but always remember, while you are young… you are developing! The instrument of a vocalist is a growing and living thing so if you use it poorly during its development, it may not grow to its full potential or you may never use it properly!

Have a look at the age of one of your favourite Operatic Artists and see when they made their break – some will be young (around 30) but it should tell you that 35-40 is when you really can become a star. Until then, you work, grow, practice and learn!

Vavachi Entertainment has given me the chance to PRACTICE my performance skills. I am a pretty natural performer and love to show off, but you do need to be able to practice this skill and fine tune it. You want someone to cry for you when you’re sad, laugh when you tell a joke, be angry at you when you are evil – these things take practice, life experience and talent.

Iain Henderson

You can learn a lot from watching, but doing is the real key!


Opera Queensland gave me the experience of a BIG SHOW and a production on a main stage. I had the fortune to sing on stage with some truly talented performers and with a full orchestra with some of the greatest musical minds around. I always will remember hearing the Understudy in a rehearsal being told he was required (he was playing another role so was there anyhow). He was given half an hours notice and in this particular rehearsal, he sang both roles and did not miss a thing. It was inspiring. Get yourselves out there and find someone or something that will inspire you!

I will say one thing about my time at the Conservatorium and that is; that the support of a group of people who only want to see you develop and grow is something you need to cherish. Once you go off into the “big wide world” you don’t always have that base of support. They can be emailed or phoned, but while you have them around you use it. There will be a time when you can let go and don’t need them as much and an email will do the trick… but do not ever take for granted the advice, knowledge, guidance and friendship of a person or group of people (in my case my Vocal Lecturers at the Conservatorium).

In my final “What Vavachi has done” Blog, I will give some final tips and a few fun stories about Vavachi from my experiences!